User-Centered Analysis and Design

Speaker’s pitch

Why User-Oriented Analysis & Design?

Despite the old fashioned business-focused analysis rituals, today’s technology is built under the light of user experience. Thereby, requirement analysis approach and practices are evolving; user requirements overtake business requirements. In this new world, Business Analysts are not enough to gather all user and business centric requirements, and the only way of success is collaborative work of business analysts and user experience designers.

And how?

There are lots of user-centric analysis practices for agile development teams, for each phase of the project. – The first phase is Discovery, which aims to understand/analyze the market and user needs and behaviors, and also decide on the best product idea. Therefore most of the user requirement analysis and user research facilities are done in this phase. – The second phase is Inception, dedicated to gain a shared understanding of vision, value, and approach of the product in the light of business and user requirements. Business vision and user modeling activities are vital in this phase. The outcomes of this phase should be the user workflow, master user story list, and a draft project plan. – During development of the project; “design, build, test, refine” cycle is constant behavior for every each iteration. Continuous Improvement according to user tests is the most important aim of this cyclic working style.

To conclude;

Nowadays, User Experience is ubiquitous and it is one of the key parameters of the success in the challenging competitional world of technology. It is only possible with user-oriented agile practices to have better user experience at your projects and gain the success.

Le mot de l’organisation

C’est un talk pour ceux qui connaissent un peu l’UX. Il tourne autour de la place des UX dans les organisations Agile au sens large. Il est pas mal questions du rôle de l’UX vs le BA.

Lieu: Mirabelle Date : 30 novembre 2017 Heure: 10 h 00 min - 10 h 50 min Nazli Ceren Binyildirim Fatma Urek Uludag