Upstream Kanban

Speaker’s pitch

Organizations need to cope with a fluctuating, fragmented, and often, conflicting demand. Ideas for fulfilling customer needs or solving a business problem can be generated much faster than they can be realized. This is the source of much frustration and tension (and loss of value). Improving the capability to deliver (e.g. with Kanban) only solves part of the problem as worker pull, as realized with (System) Kanban, only goes so far. What is needed is customer pull as a way to relieve the tension between those that create or capture the demand and those that fulfill the demand. In this presentation we will discuss Upstream Kanban as a means to shape demand and Customer Kanban as an enabler for customer pull. They are the start of a journey towards Business Agility by engaging the whole organization, not just the delivery team.

Le mot de l’organisation

C’est un peu la spécialité de Patrick à savoir la gestion de la demande avant l’engagement sur l’exécution. Il s’agit d’affiner les demandes et de trier celles qui doivent passer en exécution. C’est mieux de savoir ce qu’est Kanban pour aller à cette session.

Lieu: Emile Laffon Date : 29 novembre 2017 Heure: 10 h 40 min - 11 h 30 min Patrick Steyaert