The Service-Delivery Review: The Missing Agile Feedback Loop

Speaker’s pitch

Though the standard agile feedback loops – such as the product demo, team retrospective and automated tests — provide valuable awareness of health and fitness, many teams and their stakeholders struggle to find a reliable way to understand an important area of feedback, including their level of agility: the fitness of their service delivery. This session introduces the service-delivery review as the forum for this feedback. Participants will learn the basics of how to conduct a service-delivery review and the benefits, as well as typical fitness metrics. The context will be for software-delivery teams but the lessons will be applicable for any team, group or department that provides a service.

Le mot de l’organisation

Cela faisait un moment que nous attendions une session centrée sur d’autres formes d’amélioration continue que la traditionnelle rétrospective. Matt nous fait le plaisir d’aborder ce sujet qui est pour un public connaissant déjà Kanban.

Lieu: Mirabelle Date : 30 novembre 2017 Heure: 11 h 20 min - 12 h 10 min Matt Philip