Scaling Lean – The First Person View

Speaker’s pitch

We’ve all heard great stories about huge corporations that went through hell to achieve agility. Typically, the stories outline how things were and how they changed after the transformation. However, we rarely hear details from the trenches of how the change happened from the perspective of the regular developer or middle manager. Is it really always such a happy ending? Are all teams ready to leave Waterfall behind? Do they eagerly embrace the new methods? When there’s support from top management, change can happen. However, it comes at a given cost and being prepared for it is crucial to bringing about long-term success. This talk presents a step-by-step lean transformation case study through the eyes of a change agent middle manager and his senior vice president. It aims to cover a wide array of challenges at various levels of the organization and exploring some real-life solutions to real-life problems.

Le mot de l’organisation

Une transformation vue par le prisme du management, on ne nous l’avait jamais proposé. On a regardé les supports et il y a de l’idée. Pas de prérequis autre que de parler anglais.

Lieu: Mirabelle Date : 29 novembre 2017 Heure: 13 h 50 min - 14 h 40 min Dimitar Karaivanov