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Speaker’s pitch

Human beings have a formidable ability to learn, that is to say, acquire new knowledge or develop existing competencies. For that, we are quite unique in the animal kingdom. But what are the techniques which allow us to foster learning? How does our brain work and how can we stimulate it to improve our capacity to understand and memorize?

In this workshop, we will speak about the brain and how if works, we will speak about cognitive science, learning models, neuro-plasticity and motivation. We will see how these subjects apply to, not only the software industry, but many other fields, to make people better at acquiring soft and technical skills. We might also experiment with a few games.

I personally like this kind of non-technical talks which open our minds on other aspects of our work, outside processes and technology. My natural curiosity makes me passionate about these matters and I hope to be able to share some of it with the audience and trigger interesting discussions.

Le mot de l’organisation

Le pitch est en anglais, mais le workshop sera bien en français. Il s’agit d’expérimenter pour comprendre 🙂 Dans notre esprit, ce workshop permet d’avancer dans la direction du « Personal Mastery » cher à Peter Senge et la cinquième discipline. Il n’y a pas de prérequis.

Lieu: Tilleul Date : 30 novembre 2017 Heure: 13 h 20 min - 15 h 10 min Cedric Pontet Yann Gensollen