Lean Business Agility

Speaker’s pitch

If you optimise for high team performance, you’ll get high team performance. Sounds great! However, simply having many high-performing teams doesn’t lead to a high-performing organisation. In contrast, high team performance leads to low system performance. As a consequence, the services you offer to your customers get worse.

Team focus is also the reason why most agile initiatives fail to improve organisational agility and success. In the best case, you don’t see any organisational improvement – but in many cases, it gets worse. Local optimisation leads to global sub optimisation! But what does this mean? And how can you optimise organisations beyond the team?

In this session, Klaus will answer these questions and show how you can establish business agility in a lean way. He’ll show how he improved organisational agility across about 80 teams without bothering them in their daily work. As a first step, senior management became agile by running agile strategic portfolio management – and the rest followed step by step in a ‘lead by example’ manner

Le mot de l’organisation

Ca devrait piquer un peu et c’est tant mieux 🙂 Nous avons donné carte blanche à Klaus Leopold qui est une des références du Kanban.

Lieu: Emile Laffon Date : 29 novembre 2017 Heure: 9 h 30 min - 10 h 20 min Klaus Leopold