First who, then why

Speaker’s ptich

Who we are, and how strongly we are attached to our identity, affects core decisions and decides whether we survive in a complex, rapidly changing world. Businesses like people have identities.

Strategically, senior leaders need to be actively managing the identity of their businesses as a social entity. Simon Sinek told us that « customer by your why » and it’s become popular to focus on « why ». « Why » is important for success, but « who » determines survival. There are several strategies that leaders can take to actively manage identity and to lead identity change during the emergence of disruptive innovation or changes in other externalities. This talk will help you understand your corporate social identity, how it affects your decision making, how it can lead to your extinction if not actively managed, and three approaches to managing identity to enable long term survival of a corporation.

Le mot de l’organisation

David est de retour à LKFR et pour changer un peu nous lui avons proposé de clôturer la conférence.

Lieu: Emile Laffon Date : 30 novembre 2017 Heure: 16 h 40 min - 17 h 40 min David J. Anderson