Everyone is a Product Manager (Yes, even you!)

Speaker’s pitch

What is a Product Manager? And how am I one, even if it is not my job title? This hands-on workshop will delve into the 101 of Product Management and product vision creation and expand it to the world of development, marketing and beyond.

Why? As everyone can benefit from having a vision of what they should do, constant measured feedback and the ability to say no (nicely)!

Working as a Product Manager and training others for 7 years has indelibly changed my work and personal life for the better. I will share what I have learned and walk you through your own “product” exercises.

Le mot de l’organisation

C’est un workshop pour comprendre le rôle de product manager. Aucun prérequis pour cette session à part la curiosité.

Lieu: Potiron Date : 30 novembre 2017 Heure: 15 h 40 min - 16 h 30 min Sheila Suarez De Flores