How to train to Kanban

Speaker’s pitch

How to consistently get the value promised by the Kanban method?  A good start is delivering adequate training.

The problem is that Kanban is tricky training material. On one hand, it appears deceptively simple (stickies on a wall! What could possibly go wrong?) while on the other hand, it has deep counter-intuitive elements that are challenging to put in place, especially in mature organizations (Pull, WIP limits, help each other’s cross boundaries). Quite simply: easy to start without experience, but harder to excel at without experience.

In this workshop, I share my experience (gathered since 2009 with 70+ teams) on how to train teams in the use of Kanban. I share how succeeding consistently requires seeing training as a continuous effort that follows a team’s maturity curve. We look into how to frame training correctly, how to be clear on the “why” from the start, and what are the “prime directives of Kanban training” that help you better succeed.

Le mot de l’organisation

Parce que le Kanban Kick Start est une référence dans le monde de l’apprentissage de Kanban. C’est plus une session pour des personnes qui veulent plus tard initier d’autres personnes à Kanban que pour des personnes qui veulent découvrir ce qu’est Kanban.

Lieu: Potiron Date : 30 novembre 2017 Heure: 13 h 20 min - 15 h 10 min Christophe Achouiantz