Coevolving Organisational and Technical Boundaries

Speaker’s pitch

We’ve become great at responding to change and iteratively delivering software, but we haven’t learned how to iteratively evolve our organisational and technical boundaries. Organisations need a balancing feedback loop driven by discoveries in the domain and the flow of work through the system.

At the heart of modern agile approaches is the need to create autonomous cross-functional teams. Teams with the power to quickly make business and technical decisions, resulting in shorter lead times and greater customer responsiveness.

But teams cannot be autonomous if they constantly depend on other teams and are frequently blocked. It’s, therefore, vital to create and continually evolve organisational and technical boundaries based on knowledge of the domain and Theory of Constraints to optimise flow.

Many organisations are stifled because team boundaries are created by managers whereas technical boundaries are created by engineers. The result is low autonomy, poor alignment, and excessive lead times.

Le mot de l’organisation

Nous avons aimé sa session de l’année dernière et cette problématique type Loi de Conway nous semble de plus en plus d’actualité. Les organisations techniques et humaines sont liées et les deux doivent donc bouger ensemble. Cette session est à connotation technique sans rentrer dans du code.

Lieu: Mirabelle Date : 29 novembre 2017 Heure: 14 h 50 min - 15 h 40 min Nick Tune